Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Back to Normal


The last few weeks have been very busy, what with the preparation for North Yorkshire Open Studios, and then the event itself. I was really excited about my first open studios event and I wasn't disappointed; we had plenty of visitors, all really enthusiastic, and a good few sales too!

I can't believe that after all the preparation it is over so quickly, but now there are more things to focus on. I have just entered my first ever printmaking competition, BITE, I have another event to prepare for , Art in the pen in skipton, and I have work to do for a lovely gallery in Rutland, called the Itch Gallery, who will soon stock a selection of my collages and prints.

Right now I'm also preparing for my final workshop this term. Basic Beading and Jewellery Making is this Saturday at ArtisOn, after which I will be having a teaching break for a couple of months before I return with another papercutting course in September.

Busy busy!

Rosie x