Friday, 31 August 2012


Hi there!

I've had a busy few weeks, though I must confess it hasn't all been work related. I actually spent a very pleasant week on a canal boat which was a new experience for me. I can now say that I've been responsible for crashing a 55 foot long boat into a not one but two other boats. Woops.

I had to earn my holiday though, as just before it I went to Art in the Pen in Skipton for the first time, which was great! Lots of visitors, and it was great to meet lots of other artists and makers (and see a few I already knew) and see everyone's beautiful pens (like those of Charlotte Morrison, Hester Cox and Ian Scott Massie, below)

Next I'm off to the Saltaire Maker's Fair at the Victoria Hall on September 8th. It's a one day contemporary art fair, part of Saltaire's annual festival. This is another new experience for me and I'm really looking forward to it. The selection of artists also exhibiting looks great so I'll have to be careful not to spend any money before I've made any!

Lastly, I am just starting work on my biggest piece to date. I've been asked to create and installation to welcome visitors to the Crafted by Hand event in Masham town hall on October 8th. This is a one-day contemporary maker's fair featuring the cream of British artists and crafts people, and this is it's first year. I shall be making a large scale papercut piece for the entrance/lobby of the town hall, which will in part be inspired by the town hall's fantastic flock wall paper. That's all I'm going to give away for now....