Wednesday, 22 May 2013

On the trail


I've just returned from a little trip out to the lovely village of Saltaire, so I thought right now might be a good time to do a spot of blogging. I visited the UNESCO world heritage village, which is situated near Bradford to drop of a selection of my prints and pinned work for the Saltaire Arts Trail this weekend. It's my first year taking part in the event, but I had heard lots about it long before I decided to apply. The arts trail takes place over the whole of the bank holiday weekend, and gives visitors the opportunity to see contemporary art and craft in the perfect setting - inside the homes of many Saltaire residents! A great number of generous people are turning their kitchens, hallways and living rooms into galleries for the trail, each house hosting the work of a handful of artists and makers. My work will be on display at 1 Myrtle Place, home of the Saltaire Book Shop (number 10 on the trail), along with work by painter Claire West, printmaker Janine Denby, glass maker Lydia Haines and paper sculptors Bonkers Clutterbucks.

While you are in Saltaire perusing the open houses you can also pop into the Victoria Hall, and check out the Maker's Fair, or have a visit to the stunning Salts Mill. Or simply wander the streets, green with envy at the beautiful houses, as I did this morning.

I shall be back in Saltaire myself on Sunday, hanging out at my trail spot as well as taking a look at some of the other open houses, so do pop in and say hello! My goods friend Charlotte Morrison and Janis Goodman are also taking part in the open houses, and checking out the website I can see many more intriguing artists on the list....

Rosie x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Opening Night...


Last week I was enjoying a nice few days away in Norway, having a little bit of time off before a very busy week this week. The exhibition I have been organising at Masham Gallery is opening this evening, and I've spent the week hanging the show, arranging beautiful paper objects, printing prices and crossing my fingers for a successful preview evening! It was like Christmas in the gallery on Tuesday, unwrapping all the lovely deliveries from the Paperworks artists, and enjoying a cup of tea with Sarah Morpeth, who dropped this beautiful piece off.

Bee Book, Sarah Morpeth

I am really excited to be unveiling some new pieces of mine too, as over the last few months I've come up with a few pics that I'm particularly happy with. My personal favourite for this exhibition is this latest depiction of the banqueting house, Hackfall. I love this subject and have included it in pinned pieces, collages and prints before, but I think this piece is the best so far!

The opening of Paperworks is the first in a string of events over the next month - next week a small collection of my work will be on display in the lovely village of Saltaire for their Art Festival. I am taking part in their incredible Open Houses project, which allows visitors to take a tour around the homes of Saltaire residences as they display contemporary art and craft from a huge collection of artists and makers. The event runs over the whole bank holiday weekend, and I will be there on Sunday to chat to visitors. You can find me at 1 Myrtle Place!

The following weekend I'm tutoring Vintage Jewellery - From Drab to Fab with Josie Bezant at ArtisOn. We'll be covering so much that I can't possible detail it here, have a look at the ArtisOn site for more details. And finally.....for the middle two weekends in June I will be back at ArtisOn for North Yorkshire Open Studios! More on that soon.

So as you can see, a busy month is ahead. I better get to work. If you fancy a glass of wine and an exclusive first look at Paperworks, do drop by tonight to Masham Gallery at 7.30pm!

Have a great weekend

Friday, 10 May 2013



I am writing this little blog from a somewhat remote location (compared to where I usually am anyway)...This week I am away in Norway, having a few days off before a pretty busy couple of months. So I will keep this brief, and although I can't bring you any images with this post, I hope you'll follow the links I've included to find out more about what I'm up to.

A week today my new exhibition Paperworks will be opening at Masham Gallery. The exhibition, which explores the facinating world of paper art through the work of eight artists (including myself), has been a project very close to my heart, as not only is it one of my favourite themes, but I have the amazing opportunity to exhibit alongside artists whose work has greatly influenced my own over the years, and who I really admire. I must say, I am pretty confident that when Josie and I have finished hanging the show, we are going to be pleased with how everything looks, and I hope that when you come to visit it, you'll think so to!

For a little more info on the exhibition and the artists, check out and the, or take a look at the Masham Gallery website

That's all from me for now, see you back in Yorkshire!