Friday, 10 May 2013



I am writing this little blog from a somewhat remote location (compared to where I usually am anyway)...This week I am away in Norway, having a few days off before a pretty busy couple of months. So I will keep this brief, and although I can't bring you any images with this post, I hope you'll follow the links I've included to find out more about what I'm up to.

A week today my new exhibition Paperworks will be opening at Masham Gallery. The exhibition, which explores the facinating world of paper art through the work of eight artists (including myself), has been a project very close to my heart, as not only is it one of my favourite themes, but I have the amazing opportunity to exhibit alongside artists whose work has greatly influenced my own over the years, and who I really admire. I must say, I am pretty confident that when Josie and I have finished hanging the show, we are going to be pleased with how everything looks, and I hope that when you come to visit it, you'll think so to!

For a little more info on the exhibition and the artists, check out and the, or take a look at the Masham Gallery website

That's all from me for now, see you back in Yorkshire!

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