Friday, 24 June 2011

Something different...

Having finally got a big pile of work off to my framers, I'm feeling very relieved and relaxed today (I may be now, not sure how I'll feel when I get the bill), so I decided to try doing some slightly different work.

I've been focusing a lot on Coastal pictures lately, trying to appeal to some seaside galleries, so for the last couple of days I turned my attention to trees, and came up with two new pieces.

My collages used to incorporate quite a lot of paint, and I've returned to that style recently. I've also become a bit addicted to using envelopes to create skies and water - they really are fantastic materials for collage, as you can come across a wide variety of interesting patterns printed on the inside of them. Plus they're readily available, and I do like to recycle!

My next workshop at artisOn is all about collage. Myself and Josie Beszant will be doing projects inspired by some of the great collage artists of the 20th century, such as Peter Blake and Robert Rauschenberg. I'm really excited about this workshop, and extra pleased because it's already sold out!

Thats all from me, have a good weekend everyone- I'm going househunting!


Monday, 20 June 2011

Inspired by The Island

I recently had my first visit to the Isle of Wight (to meet my boyfriends parents!), and really enjoyed my time there. I felt a bit silly when I realised how little I knew about 'The Island', particularly as I pride myself on having covered quite a lot of Britain. I stayed in Newport for the weekend, and visited Osbourne House, Carisbrooke Castle and the amazing Garlic Farm (it's a lovely place, with all the tasty pickles you can eat, but do take some mints with you), but strangely enough felt inspired to make a piece about the ferry journey over.

I'm hoping that some galleries on the island may be interested in this piece, and hopefully I'll make a few more once I've another visit...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Tiny Maps and Coastal Pictures

I've been working in The Gallery, Masham, for the past week while some of my fellow artists were busy with the North Yorkshire Open Studios, so today I'm back at my desk after a little break. I've got two pictures finished which I'm hoping to put in The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle. 

I was given some little maps from an old guide to the north east coast recently, and they've been really useful as I often struggle to make small map collages, and lately the big ones have been reaching quite ridiculous sizes! The other great thing about these little maps is that they're all of places I know fairly well. I really enjoy making coastal pictures, and hopefully The Biscuit Factory will be an appropriate place for them.

The most difficult aspect of making these pictures is trying to fit all the pieces back together. I'm gradually working out how to shape the pieces of map so that I don't need to leave too much space between them, as that creates a massive picture, and thus a massive framing bill.I really like the slightly jumbled, off-centre arrangement of the pictures, as it creates a bit more movement and depth.

I'm very excited as I've been given another collection of small maps, this time in the form of the White Cross Road Atlas of Great Britain. It's a pretty old copy, but has a fantastic selection of maps, and even a list of route planners, with your starting point, destination, list of towns in between and miles in between them covering 342 routes around the country. I would just disconnect my internet but I fear other towns may have been built since publishing...

I found a really inspiring blog yesterday which is definitely worth a is the blog of Hebden Bridge - based artist Angie Rogers, and it's full of really interesting and unusual art projects. I particularly love the tree house book back in March.

Thats all from me today!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Beads, Maps and Books

On saturday I co-ran a workshop at ArtisOn titled Beads Beads Beads. My fellow tutor was local ceramicist Charlotte Morrison, and between us we made beads from Porcelain, Paper, Felt and Wire. I'm always nervous before a workshop, and this one was no different (especially because I'd had a small disaster with one of my proposed projects and had to change our lesson plan the day before!). We had a lovely group, a really enthusiastic bunch, and everyone came away inspired, including me.

Here are a few snaps from the day...

I thought I'd mention an exciting event coming up this weekend, just incase anyone reading is stuck for ideas of what to get up to. This Friday is the start of North Yorkshire Open Studios, an event which allows visitors to see into the workshops and studios of artists and craft makers all over the region. My co-tutor Charlotte is exhibiting her fantastic work up at ArtisOn, along with the work of mixed media artist Josie Beszant and painter/printmaker Ian Scott Massie.

A preview evening on Friday (from 7.30 - 9.30) is taking place onsite, a chance to meet the artists and also check out the new schedule of forthcoming workshops. Incidentally, I am running another workshop in July 31st, titled Collage, Inspired by Vintage. This workshop (co-run by Josie Beszant), is all about using recycled and vintage materials to create unique and unusual mixed media pieces. I will also be running a number of other workshops later in the year, so check out the new workshop schedule...

Have a great week!