Monday, 13 June 2011

Tiny Maps and Coastal Pictures

I've been working in The Gallery, Masham, for the past week while some of my fellow artists were busy with the North Yorkshire Open Studios, so today I'm back at my desk after a little break. I've got two pictures finished which I'm hoping to put in The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle. 

I was given some little maps from an old guide to the north east coast recently, and they've been really useful as I often struggle to make small map collages, and lately the big ones have been reaching quite ridiculous sizes! The other great thing about these little maps is that they're all of places I know fairly well. I really enjoy making coastal pictures, and hopefully The Biscuit Factory will be an appropriate place for them.

The most difficult aspect of making these pictures is trying to fit all the pieces back together. I'm gradually working out how to shape the pieces of map so that I don't need to leave too much space between them, as that creates a massive picture, and thus a massive framing bill.I really like the slightly jumbled, off-centre arrangement of the pictures, as it creates a bit more movement and depth.

I'm very excited as I've been given another collection of small maps, this time in the form of the White Cross Road Atlas of Great Britain. It's a pretty old copy, but has a fantastic selection of maps, and even a list of route planners, with your starting point, destination, list of towns in between and miles in between them covering 342 routes around the country. I would just disconnect my internet but I fear other towns may have been built since publishing...

I found a really inspiring blog yesterday which is definitely worth a is the blog of Hebden Bridge - based artist Angie Rogers, and it's full of really interesting and unusual art projects. I particularly love the tree house book back in March.

Thats all from me today!

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