Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Year

Happy New Year!

It's 2014, it's cold and it's about time I posted a new blog. Before Christmas I had a great time working on some interesting commissions (as you can see in my last post) and I am lucky to have a few more commissions to tide me over in the long quiet month of January. One of them is of Slenningford Park near West Tanfield, North Yorkshire. A handsome house not far from where I grew up, I have been driving past it for years but never stopped to look until now.

At this quiet time of year it's tempting to do very little, particularly when the weather is so dark and uninspiring. But I have to remind myself that although Spring feels like it's a long way off, it'll come around fast and with it my first big event of the year - York Open Studios. This is my first year doing YOS, and I can't wait to fill my living room with pictures and await visitors over the first two weekends of April. My stocks are low after a great few months of sales at the end of last year, so in between commissions I am getting on with finding new subjects and producing some new work. Following on from my exhibition Down Hidden Tracks in 2013, where I explored follies around North Yorkshire, I have begun by having a look at the stunning landscape of the Yorkshire Wolds, and some of the interesting buildings therein. At the moment I am particularly fascinated by the village of Sledmere, where you can't move for memorials, towers, sham-castles and temples. I am currently working on a large piece based on two of the memorials in Sledmere, including the amazing Waggoner's memorial (pictured), but I have a feeling this is the first of a number of pieces based on this lovely place.

A little further east of Sledmere, near to the sea, is the village of Carnaby, and tucked away up a narrow farm track is Carnaby Temple. I first came across the temple in a book of follies, and it instantly pricked my interest. There seem to be many stories surrounding it, apparently it was used as a sighting tower to aid smugglers coming in to Bridlington. I have also been told that the interior was decorated by paper cut outs, which seems appropriate for me! I love the way it sits amongst the endless flat fields catching the sun, and luckily when I came to visit it the weather was particularly beautiful (for January!).

I am also involved in North Yorkshire Open Studios and Art in the Pen this year, and more events will be confirmed soon, so keep reading!

Rosie x