Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The advantages of opening post...


Earlier this week I assisted in the opening of a large pile of post, belonging to my boyfriend Dave. Of course this is exciting in itself, but a major plus for me is that I ended up with a large pile of glorious security envelopes, the inside of which I have recently started using in my collages. However, while organising my new pile of materials, I thought I'd try something different with them. I have mentioned before that I sometimes make jewellery out of recycled things, and over the last few months have really got into making beads from paper, particularly maps. I thought I'd try and make the same beads with the envelopes, and I'm really pleased with the results!

I really love finding everyday things and using them for something completely different. Envelopes are often printed with a variety of interesting patterns, and are a perfect example of a readily available, inexpensive material.

This friday I'm heading over to Norway to spend the weekend in a cabin by the sea. I've never been before but the area looks beautiful and will hopefully be very inspiring. Tomorrow I'll be in The Gallery, helping Josie hang our next exhibition, Impression, which features 5 fantastic printmakers from around the north.

Find out about my travels to norway next week!


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Biscuit Factory and New work


Last week I mentioned that I had taken a pile of work to my framers, and was waiting for it to be ready, so that I could take it up to The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle. I'm pleased to announce that I dropped off the work at the gallery on friday (with the help of my dad), and six pieces of my work should now be on display somewhere in the vast and lovely space. If you get a chance to visit The Biscuit Factory, it has a really great selection of works (even better now mine is there too), a cool shop and a cafe that serves an excellent raspberry cheesecake!

Here  are a few of the pieces up at The Biscuit Factory...

As well as a trip up to Newcastle last week, I also enjoyed an afternoon out of the house on Thursday, when I attended a lecture by renowned artist Cornelia Parker. You may know her for here exploded shed installation, or a famous work involving Tilda Swinton asleep in a glass case, but at the moment one of her earlier works, '30 pieces of silver', is on display at St.Mary's church in the centre of York. The lecture was free, and it was great to get a chance to hear such an interesting artist discuss her work.

This week I have managed to get a few new pieces done, before heading down to Birmingham for a couple of days to help my boyfriend Dave pack some of his belongings up (he's moving to York - yay!). I'm focusing on work for the Trace exhibition - a show I am organising for The Gallery in Masham. 

I'm also developing my latest obsession of using envelopes - I'm really pleased with these new clouds!

Thats all from me, have a good week!