Friday, 4 July 2014

Inspiration on the doorstep


It's been far too long since I wrote a blog, in fact the month of June has been and gone without any word from me on here. A busy month it was indeed, with the usual frenzy of North Yorkshire Open Studios, and a brand new workshop for me at ArtisOn. July is always a more relaxed month for me, with no big events taking place I've got a good few weeks to get some new work made, and finally get round to doing all those annoying little jobs (little reorganising the studio) before August hits. So right now my attention is on my forthcoming mini-exhibition at York Hospital, which runs from August 20th to October 20th.

York hospital have an on going programme of art exhibitions and events, which provide inspiration, relaxation and escape to those visiting or staying in the hospital. A ever changing array of contemporary work adorns the walls around the entrance and main corridor, and much of the work is for sale. When  I was first approached about exhibiting in the hospital, I must confess I was completely ignorant to the scheme, but having visited the current exhibition I can see how it transforms the clinical and often intimidating atmosphere.

I will be exhibiting a small collection of new work, and have used the opportunity to finally take inspiration from what's right on my doorstep. The exhibition will feature pieces based on buildings in York and the surrounding area, with subjects such as Baile Hill, The Treasurer's House, Castle Howard, Bishopthorpe Palace Gatehouse and one of my favourite buildings, the old Terry's Chocolate Works. I wanted to focus on the places that are special to me, rather than the more typical York scenes, and I'm sure it will make a lovely collection. I just hope the patients and staff at York Hospital enjoy it too.
The Mausoleum, Castle Howard
Baile Hill, York

The Chocolate Works (In progress...)

Just before my exhibition at the hospital I will be appearing once again at Art in the Pen in Skipton on Satyurday 16th and Sunday 17th of August. A fantastic art fair with a brilliantly high standard, all displayed within the pens of a cattle mart! It's well worth a visit.

That's all from me for now, have a lovely July!