Thursday, 17 November 2011

Too many projects....

Hello there!

It feels like a very long time since my last blog - I have been trying this month to get my various dreams/aspirations and current projects in order and so far it hasn't worked at all. One day I will have a set time for everything, but for now I spend my afternoon scrabbling around truing to get the materials for my workshop on Saturday into a suitcase, knocking over a huge tin of glass beads in the process. I have a laminate floor, and they really can roll.

I'm running a workshop at ArtisOn this weekend all about Creative Christmas Decorations. This is my second to last workshop this term - in two weeks I'm running Christmas Cards, Tags and Decorative Papercrafts, then I'm done until March 2012. It seems like a long way away now, but I guarantee I'll be picking the floor-fluff of beads two days before that one as well. In case your interested, next years programme of workshops are now on the ArtisOn website to view, and open for booking on the 27th at their open day.

But what I really wanted to mention today is my next exciting event. A while ago you may recall that I promised a re-launch of my Etsy shop Underthecoldtap. Well, after weeks of bead making and button threading, I have a small, 'capsule' if you will, collection of handmade pieces ready for sale. Map-bead necklaces, button jewellery and christmas decorations, this is just the beginning of my online store. Underthecoldtap re-opens on Monday the 21st of November, giving you time to stock up on pressies for people with exceptionally good taste. And to celebrate, blogging sensation Kathryn Sharman, writer of Katgotthecream blog, will be giving away a piece of my lovely stock, so keep your eyes peeled on her blog for that.

Please visit my store on Etsy from Monday and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!

Rosie x 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Handmade Christmas...


I'm going away this weekend (woohoo!) to Dublin for a few days of exploring a new city, eating nice food and attempting to enjoy Guinness. But before the holiday starts, I need to finalise my next workshop at ArtisOn. I can't quite believe it, but my next workshop is Creative Christmas Decorations. Where has the year gone?

Anyway, I've been making a few samples today for the projects I'll be teaching on November the 19th (limited spaces available, check out the ArtisOn website for more details), and I thought I'd show you.

Firstly there's my button wreaths...

Then a few paper projects, baubles:

... and bunting

I think I'll be doing some tealight holders too.

I also wanted to remind everyone that my Digital Scrapbooking Software giveaway is still on - you could win an amazing software package, tried and approved by me!

For details, see my last post.

Thats all from me, have a good bonfire weekend!

Rosie x