Monday, 16 March 2015

Spring Events


I've been quiet for a good few months, neglecting my 'online presence' while focusing instead on organising my year around the arrival of my first baby, scheduled in 8 weeks time (eek!). Things have been quiet for the first couple of months this year, as they often are in winter, but as is typical of me I have made sure my last baby-free month is going to be a busy one!

Come the end of March I will be finishing some aspects of work - I shall be saying a fond farewell to my part-time job at Masham Gallery, where I have worked off an on for over half my lifetime. I will also be stopping the production of pictures from the end of this month, and am currently finishing my last commission for the time being. I have a few projects lined up for later in the year, and will be trying my best to get back into work as and when I have the time. Alas at this stage it is hard to know when I will be back to full speed, as I hear babies don't always sleep when you want them to...

But for now my focus is on the events I have coming up in April. I couldn't resist applying for York Open Studios again this year despite it running dangerously close to my due date, It is such a fantastic event and I enjoyed it so much last year that it seemed worth the risk. As with 2014, I shall be opening my 'studio' - actually the downstairs part of my house to visitors over the weekends of the 17th/18th/19th and 25th/26th of April. I will be here to discuss my work, and will have a collection of framed papercuts both large and small. I am one of around 100 artists taking part in the event, all based in and around the city, which makes it easy for visitors to walk to a number of studios throughout the day. If you are thinking about visiting the event but can't decide which studios to go for, check out the taster exhibition now on display at the Blossom Street gallery near Micklegate Bar. The exhibition includes a piece of work from nearly every artist taking part in YOS, and may help you plan your routes over the weekend. Don't forget to add me to your list!

Following on from York Open Studios, my work will be enjoying an idylic change of scenery when I install a collection of papercuts and prints at Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens, just outside of York. My work will on display in the tearoom on the grounds of this beautiful plant nursery and gardens, where visitors can explore the gardens and discover rare and exotic plants in peaceful and pretty surroundings. My exhibition will run throughout the month of May, hopefully accompanied by some lovely weather!

Things will get a little queiter from June, though you will still be able to find my work in a number of galleries around the country, including Masham Gallery, The Alchemy Gallery, The Itch Gallery, Art and Rose and The Heart Gallery. If you are interested in commissioning a piece from me then please do get in touch - depending on your deadlines and ideas I may still be able to help.

Have a lovely Easter and spring
Rosie x