Tuesday, 22 March 2011

To do list...

As I have discovered since becoming a full-time artist, it's often rather difficult to focus on one project without getting distracted by another.

Every week I make a to do list, in the hope that at very least I complete the list, even if I go about it in a slightly bitty way. Here's what I'm doing this week...

Course preparation for my next workshop.

I have recently started tutoring craft workshops on a variety of subjects from handmade christmas decorations, recycled jewellery, to bead making. These workshops take place just outside Masham, North Yorkshire and are run by ArtisOn, who put on an amazing array of creative workshops in their beautiful studios. Next month I am running a workshop called Cards, Tags and Decorative Papercrafts which will involve collage and paper cutting amongst other things (I'm VERY excited about this one as it's basically a  day of doing what I love, but with cake and biscuits provided!).

This week I'm doing some preliminary prep by searching online for any inspiring papercraft ideas. Here's a couple from some of my favourite blogs..

Tissue Pom Poms by Smile and Wave

Amazing folded novels by Paper Faerie

A new Big Picture.

I am finally getting round to starting a new big map picture this week, which I am incredibly excited about as I love making them and haven't had the chance to do so for a while. Having riffled through my map collection i have decided to make my next piece about Wales. My Grandpa lived just outside Carmarthen until last year, and I grew up visiting him once or twice a year. The map I have found is of Carmarthen and Tenby, perfect as it covers the areas I know the best. I'll keep you informed on the progression of the big picture.

Button Jewellery.

If I get a chance, I may spend some time this week making some more jewellery. I recently opened an Etsy shop called underthecoldtap (of course) where I can sell these pieces. I love buttons and hit upon this idea a few years ago - so far I haven't seen any button jewellery quite like this, and it's been fairly popular!

RA summer show update.

One more thing I have to do before the week is through...next week I journey to London with a suitcase full of work destined for the Royal Academy Summer Show. I'm being loaded up with work by 5 artists including myself, thus saving us all a few pennies (plus I get a trip to london), and will be dropping it off ready for it's review from this years judging panel. But before I pack my work up I must adorn it with these lovely labels so it doesn't get lost.

Well, lots to do, better get on!


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