Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cards, stamps and....cakes?


Just a brief blog today I'm afraid, as I am dashing around trying to get lots of bits of work done, while preparing for my housemate's birthday tea.

As I mentioned last week, I am running a workshop at ArtisOn on the 20th called Cards, Tags and Decorative Papercrafts, so this week I am busily finalising the lesson plan, and making lots of examples of the projects I will be doing with the class. The tissue pom-poms which featured in the last blog are definitely going to make an appearance, as are poper-cut cards. Here's one I made this morning...

I've also been experimenting with making my own rubber stamps, which are great for personalising wrapping paper or cards. Instead of using rubber, a cheap and easy alternative is fun foam, which you can get from most craft shops. The foam cuts easily, but can also be drawn into as it holds the indentations. I cut my foam and glued it to a stamp block, purchased from the best rubber stamp shop in town, Make Your Mark.

But I also made something else today, something I'm particularly proud of...a (hopefully) delicious chocolate truffle torte (basically just a mass of chocolate and cream  - yum!), for tonight's tea party. Unfortunately there was rather a lot of chocolate left over so I was forced to eat it...

Bye for now!


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