Thursday, 10 January 2013

New year plans

Happy New Year!

I was intending to have written my first blog of 2013 before now, but I'm pleased to say that I've been pretty busy so far this year.

Being January, my first unexciting task is tackling the annual tax return. But luckily I have plenty of more interesting things to get on with too, such as getting some pinned papercuts ready to deliver to The Heart Gallery this weekend. It's a beautiful gallery filled with some fantastic work, and situated in the heart of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. The Heart gallery was one of the very first places to display my work 4 years ago, so I'm really pleased to going back. I've made three pieces inspired by the local area;

Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags

Lund's Tower, Earl Crag

and The folly in the woods, Cottingley

Next month I shall be taking some work to The Imaginarium Gallery in Haworth, so I am already planning some more West Yorkshire pieces.

I was really excited to be contacted last week by the Cambridge Contemporary Art gallery, who have invited me to take part in their April exhibition this year. It is such a gorgeous gallery that I had the pleasure of visiting in 2011, and I have wanted to have some work in there ever since. It also means that I have an excuse to research all the beautiful buildings in and around Cambridge, and maybe do a piece on the Wimpole folly, an amazing tower nearby.

I've also spent some time this week researching and applying to some more creative events. I am going to be enjoying my second year of North Yorkshire Open Studios in June, but I am also hoping to take part in Art in the Pen in Skipton again in August, as well as the Saltaire Arts Trail and the Art Market in Holmfirth. Fingers crossed I am successful...

So as you can see, with this lot plus the Paperworks exhibition at Masham Gallery and my joint exhibition with Charlotte Morrison, Down Hidden Tracks at Fountains Abbey in September, it's shaping up to be a busy year. I better get back to work!

Have a great weekend!
Rosie x

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