Thursday, 6 June 2013

North Yorkshire Open Studios


I have been trying to get round to doing some blogging all week, as this weekend is the start of North Yorkshire Open Studios so I wanted to tell you all about it. But for that very reason, I have been snowed under with framing, packing cards and other exciting preparation, so I'm only just getting round to it!

This will be my second year taking part in Open Studios, a county-wide event involving artists and makers working in all mediums. It gives visitors a chance to see artists at work, in their own studios and homes, or in my case, in the wonderful ArtisOn studios just outside Masham. The event is free, though you may need your car if your planning to visit a number of studios as some of us are out in the sticks, but you'll get a nice warm welcome and maybe a cup of tea wherever you choose to go.

I had a great time last year exhibiting along side Charlotte Morrison, Josie Beszant and Ian Scott Massie (who is, of course, my dad). We got loads of lovely visitors, who enjoyed learning about our work and the ArtisOn studios, as well as eating the lovely array of homemade cakes we provided (honestly, baking for open studios is one of my favourite bits of the event). We'll be doing it all again this year so please drop by if you can. The event runs over the 8th/9th and the 15th/16th of June.

Charlotte Morrison

Josie Beszant

Ian Scott Massie

I have managed to gather together the largest ever collection of work, including lots of new pieces (like these ones below), and I can't wait to get over there and hang them! I am also going to be selling cards for the first time, so there will be lots to see.

Banqueting House, Studley Royal

The Temple, Allerton Castle

For more information on the event and the artists involved visit the NYOS site here. You will find maps, a list of artists to visit and much more.

I hope to see you at the weekend!

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