Thursday, 15 December 2011

The year was 2011.....

Hi there!

For some reason I had the urge today to spend some quality time with my dear old blog, giving a fresh lick of virtual paint. What do you think? It's quite spring-themed in it's colour scheme, which is a little premature, but then the weather as I write is not exactly beautiful (and I don't really fancy a grey blog), so I think I'll stick with it! I have added a few extra bits to the blog - you can now enjoy a mini slide show of my flickr page (which incidentally I have also just updated with loads of new photos). I have also decorated the blog with a few images of my favourite pieces. Lovely stuff.

Christmas is drawing ever closer and things are about to go crazy in my house. For me, social events and festive preparations officially start tomorrow night and don't really let up at all until about the 2nd of January. I am spending my very first Christmas out of Masham this year, and will be travelling down to the Isle of Wight on the 23rd to enjoy the festive weekend there. As a result of the busy times ahead I may not have another opportunity to blog before Christmas, so I'm making this the official Christmas post.

 I want to extend a massive THANKS to everyone who has read this blog, attended any of my workshops, bought any of my pictures or jewellery, or has simply taken an interest in what I'm up to. I've really loved my first year of being a full-time artist, and when I look back to the crazy retail environment I was in this time last year, I feel very fortunate to have been able to do this. I have lots of plans and ideas for next year, including a whole new collection of work and new workshops at ArtisOn, so I hope you all continue to keep an eye on me!

I thought I'd make a little gallery of some of my best bits this year (indulge me - it makes me feel good to see all the work I've done!):

A more detailed archive of my work is now on my flickr page underthecoldtap.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a fantastic holiday!

Rosie x

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