Friday, 27 January 2012

HMS printmaking

Hello there,

In the last blog I mentioned that I am trying out some linocutting, as a possible development of my work. Well, The materials came yesterday, and even though my plan had been to get the designs good and ready before printing, I couldn't resist having a little practice...

I don't own a printing press, so I wanted to try printing without one, using a baren to impress the images onto the paper. I've never tried this before, and got it wrong the first few times, but once I realised that the paper needed to be on top of the lino, I was really pleased at how effective it is.

I decided to conserve my supply of lino and start with a reduction linocut (another thing I've never tried before - I like a challenge), which requires only one piece of lino. It's a slightly messier process, as each layer of the picture must be printed before you cut the next one, and it's a bit tricky remembering when to cut what, but it was really exciting watching the image evolve.

Any how, this here is the finished masterpiece: HMS Floaty! it's not a masterpiece - it's not perfect by any means and the design was pretty simple, but as a first try I must say I'm pleased! It's certainly made me very excited about doing more.

I hope you like it too.

Rosie x

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