Monday, 2 July 2012

Edge of the World


This year, maybe due to the unpredictable weather, I've been finding it difficult to keep track of time! Suddenly we are (apparently) well into summer, and things that I've been thinking are way ahead in the future are suddenly right round the corner. Take Edge of the World for example, the forthcoming exhibition at The Gallery, Masham, organised and curated by me!

Mixed media, Winifred Hodge

Edge of the World is a contemporary landscape exhibition, specifically inspired by remote, overlooked and isolated places. Featuring seven incredible artists working in a variety of media, It's shaping up to be a fantastic visual treat.

Oil on Canvas, Gareth Buxton

When coming up with the concept for the exhibition, I wanted to take a popular theme - landscape art - but try something a little different with it. As anyone who knows Yorkshire and the north will know, there are countless recognisable landmarks and historically breathtaking views around here, but instead of focusing on the places we already know and love, I thought it would be interesting to explore the places that are less known, but just as beautiful. My initial inspiration, both for the title and the theme, came from the 1937 Micheal Powell film The Edge of the World, set on a rugged and remote Shetland isle.

Mixed Media, Pamela Knight

The exhibition, which opens in a few short weeks on July 21st, includes work by
Pamela Knight
Winifred Hodge
Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller
Gareth Buxton
Ian Scott Massie
Heather Gatt 
and Lesley Birch.

Work has started arriving at The Gallery, ready for hanging in a few weeks, and it already promises to be a brilliant show. So please do come along!

Mixed Media, Lesley Birch

We will be having a preview for Edge of the World on Friday the 20th of July at The Gallery, where you can enjoy a first-look, a glass of wine, and meet some of the artists involved. I look forward to seeing you there.

Rosie x

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