Monday, 10 December 2012

London Baby!


I'm in the big city this week enjoying a few days of galleries, museums and shops that are too posh for the likes of me. And maybe a bit of work. Last week I managed to get a couple of new pinned pieces finished and ready to drop off at the lovely Itch Gallery in Oakham, Rutland while on route down south.

I had another go at recreating the lovely Normanton Church on Rutland Water.

And the beautiful Fort Henry at Exton Park (photos taken in early morning sunlight on friday!).

We arrived in London on Saturday afternoon (via Oakham and the retro OK diner on the A1) and enjoyed a visit to the busy and bright Winter Wonderland fair in Hyde Park. Then on Sunday we had a leisurely wander around Spitalfields market in the hope of finding some Christmas presents.

Today I'm knuckling down to a bit of work, getting started on some new pieces intended for the Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. There's a distinct chance that I may give up and make some papercut Christmas pressies though...

After London we are heading down to the Isle of Wight for a few nights, then back up north at the end of the week. By then it'll nearly be Christmas!

Don't forget you can browse most of my latest pictures at Masham Gallery, as part of the Treasure exhibition.

Have a good week!
Rosie x

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