Friday, 15 March 2013

Looking ahead


This week I have made a start on my final piece for Cambridge Contemporary Art's exhibition 'Cambridge at it's Best', which opens on April 6th. I have spent the last few months putting together ideas and have ended up with 6 pieces, 5 of which are now complete and below.

The Fountain, Trinity College

King's College Gate

The Round Church

The Wimpole Folly

The Bridge of Sighs

I shall be delivering them to the gallery in just over a week, so this week I have started to look ahead to what's next. I have two 'big' exhibitions this year (shows that I have helped organise); The first is Paperworks at Masham Gallery in May, the other is Down Hidden Tracks, with Charlotte Morrison, at Fountain's Abbey in September. Time seems to have flown and everything is suddenly a lot closer than I imagined it to be - luckily I have tons of ideas and plenty of materials so now I just have to get on with it!

My obsession with follies is continuing, constantly giving me new possible subjects for work. I am so intrigued by these often bizarre buildings, and never realised how many are in this area. I have just finished a picture of one just outside Richmond called Culloden Tower - built on the parkland of Yorke House (now demolished) in 1746.It's a beautiful tower, and one of a number of follies in that area.I took a few shots of the pinning process, so you can see how the piece comes together.

My next few pieces will be over buildings at Fountain's Abbey - probably starting with St.Mary's Church, and another piece of somewhere in York!

Watch this space!

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  1. Fascinating and so painstakingly, delicate and it!