Friday, 1 November 2013

New subjects


October has been a bit of a disorganised month for me - I took some time off the visit beautiful Barcelona, then returned to start working on some much overdue pictures for a couple of galleries, while preparing for Masham Arts Festival and Crafted by Hand, my last event of the year. I still feel like I'm playing catch up, but I'm pleased to say that Crafted by Hand, which took place in Masham last Sunday, was brilliant. The town hall was packed from the stroke of 10am, and despite the crazy weather (at one point I glanced out of the window to see a traffic cone flying down the road) everyone seemed to be having a great time. And crucially, the sales were good! I've also had some of my work on display in St.Mary's Church as part of the arts festival in Masham this week, and was surprised and delighted to learn that my piece 'The Pineapple' has been sold. I'm so pleased it's found a new home, but I must admit I had a soft spot for that particular papercut  -  probably because of how long it took to make - and I will miss it!

So now I'm done with fairs etc for the year, which is just as well as I have lots of interesting commissions to work on, which are sure to keep me going until Christmas. Right now I'm tackling two very different towers; the OXO tower in London and the Rockingham Mausoleum at Wentworth Woodhouse.

Both are subjects I've thought about working on before, so to be commissioned to do so is a real treat. My next job is even more exciting - I'm going to be working on an American piece, based on a particularly beautiful state; Oregon. I've never been there so this is quite a challenge, but I have lots of helpful photos and guides, and it appears that you can't move for beautiful mountains, lakes, coastline and giant fir trees over there, so I think I'm going to have a great time working on it. It's a shame I can't get an all expenses paid trip to really get to grips with the subject, but never mind!

I'm also almost finished on some more local subjects for The Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. I have been looking again at the lovely Gibson Mill, and come up with a couple of new pieces. Here's one of them.

That's all from me!
Rosie x

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