Monday, 22 August 2011

From map to picture in just a few slices...


Just thought I'd put this on here, as I just finished it.

I had a slight panic the other day when I discovered that one of the frames I had ordered had been missed - I had a piece all ready to stick down and frame, in time for the Trace exhibition, and I wouldn't be able to exhibit it. It was too late to re-order the frame, but luckily dad (the great artist Ian Scott Massie) had a frame fairly close to the size of the one i'd ordered. But I wouldn't be able to use the picture I'd already made.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to use a nice big frame, I set to work making a new piece from an idea I drew out a little while ago. I've worked fast, but I'm pleased to say I've got it finished and I'm really pleased with it!

Here's how the piece looks before I get my trusty scalpel out...

and here's how it looks after a few swift slices...

All the work I'm exhibiting in Trace is new - pop down to the preview this friday at The Gallery in Masham (7.30pm- 9pm) and get an exclusive first look!


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